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Drone Scapes offers a wide variety of drone services and solutions in central N.Y.
All your drone service needs can be fulfilled by our company.

Drone Scapes can provide  Survey Grade Drone Mapping, Drone Photogrammetry, Drone Orthomosaics.

If you need creative content we offer Drone Videography, Drone Photography, Drone Commercial or Luxury Real

Estate Videography and Photography. Plus, Drone thermal imagery and inspections.

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Videography • Photography • Photogrammetry • Orthomosaic • Survey Grade Results

One of the most revolutionary changes in the past decade was the introduction of Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) into businesses, trades, and the creative industries.  As a result, some of the most exciting uses of aerial drones is cinematography, videography and photography services

We offer many other drone services, such as 2D and 3D mapping, construction monitoring & Stockpile reports, orthomosaic images, photogrammetry,  thermal imagery, hard to reach aerial inspections, and special events, like weddings.

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Drone Scapes offers a wide variety of drone services including these areas and more


  • Cinematography • Videography • Photography
  • Weddings • Parties • Reunions • Events • Marketing opportunities
  • Tower & Roof Inspections • Real Estate • Land Inspections • Orthomosaic • Photogrammetry

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